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From:Charles McGrotty Date:March 22 2002 6:14pm
Subject:Remote connection to MySQL Server using MS Access 2002
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Can someone tell me how to configure the MySQL ODBC (v3.51) Driver so I
can connect to a remote MySQL database.

I have tried putting an IP address in that I found by lookup of the
domain name, and I entered the database name and password, but I get an
error saying connection from ~db_name~@~whatever_ISP~ was refused, what
am I doing wrong.

I do not know the actual servr name that the MySQL database lives on, so
what options do I have, this must be possible so how do I do it.

Alternativly, if anyone knows of any alternative tools (not phpMyAdmin
(ie: not browser based)) that will allow me to look at, and work with
the data, even if only in a read only enviroment at this time, though
full access is desired. I would mych appreciate it.


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