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From:Ozette Brown Date:March 22 2002 6:06pm
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I'm currently running FreeBSD 4.3-stable with MySQL 3.23.39.  My problem
is weird an unpreditable. I have a database driven website which has
several hundred visitors per day.  After viewing my logs on a daily
basis, I see a "Unknown database" error appear from time to time.  Now,
I also have a script set in cron which accesses the database every so
often an I see the same "Unknown database" error from time to time when
this script is ran.  The error is completely spuradic and
unpredictable.  Sometimes I go for days without seeing the problem.  Not
only that, if I notice the problem immediately and check things out, I
can connect to the database.  So within a matter of minutes it goes from
an Unknown database to a
database that is alive and accessible.

I've tried upping the "mbufs", checking the "file descriptors",
"tweaking the mysqld server params", applying  "soft-updates",  and
"turning off Apache::DBI", nothing seems to work.  I've seen at least 2
other mailing list entries where people have the exact same problem.
The only solution I received was to switch to a Linux OS.

I've also read that there is a threading  problem with FreeBSD+MySQL on
an SMP machine.  I'm running a machine with only 1 processor.

Do you have any idea as to what may be causing this problem and if so,
do you have a suggested solution?

Any help you may be able to give will certainly be appreciated.


Ozette Brown

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