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From:Gerald Clark Date:March 21 2002 4:10pm
Subject:Re: help with index/query
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what about
select Url from table where Ref = 'foo'

Salada, Duncan wrote:

>I am hoping I can get some help with a difficulty I am having with a table
>of mine.  I am going to give a lot of background info, so please bear with
>me.  First, let me say that I using 3.23.49.  Now some info about the table.
>It currently has 5687391 rows.  There are 3 columns in the table: ID (int),
>Url (varchar(255)), and Ref (varchar(255)).  There are two indexes for the
>table: one on ID and the other on the first 15 characters of Ref.
>Now my problem: select queries on this table with no joins searching for a
>constant in the Refs column only are extremely slow.  Here is what all the
>sql statements look like "select Url from table where Ref like 'foo'".
>Pretty simple right?  Here's the deal this table is used only by a little
>app that I wrote.  Each time the app runs it queries this table as shown
>above about 4600 times with different values for "foo".  Each query seems to
>be taking about 2 minutes to execute.  This seems odd to me because I tested
>it while I was writing the app and the queries were taking a little over a

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