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From:Gerald Clark Date:March 20 2002 6:24pm
Subject:Re: server startup error
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Does mysql own the mysql database directory, and all its files?

You should have run it as
mysql_install_db --user=mysql

Rance Hall wrote:

> Hello all
> I have a slackware 8.0 distro that includes mysql 3.39.x (I'm not at 
> that computer now, so that could be wrong slighly) install pkg
> I have installed it, and I can get it to run with the 
> --skip-grant-tables option.
> When I try to run safe_mysqld without the skip option I get the 
> following error: Table '' doesn't exist
> Now, I ran the mysql_install_db script and it made a bunch of 
> databases including two called
> Question, what is the proper syntax for a creation of the 
> table so that I can create it and get past this error.
> If anyone else has any experience with this, could this be a bug in 
> the install_db script?
> Thanks for all your help
> Rance
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