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From:Michael Bacarella Date:March 20 2002 3:40am
Subject:Re: High Availability questions
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On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 10:13:09PM -0500, Young Sul wrote:
> Currently, I mirror the master DB on another server, and can switch over
> ...manually...
> if the master dies.
> I'm wondering if others on this list have encountered a similar situation --
> how did
> you finally architect your DB environment?

Build a database server big enough and bad enough to handle any load.

If that was no longer possible (financial constraints or otherwise),
I think we'd start looking to divide the dataset across multiple
servers.  Our site services users by region, so we could probably
get away with it without too much of a hassle. We're years away
from this, if ever, though.

We keep expecting to hit a limit any day now, but MySQL has continued to
perform beyond our expectations for years. We haven't even switched
to InnoDB tables yet.

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