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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 20 2002 3:14am
Subject:Re: 4.0.x memory bug on FreeBSD...?
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In the last episode (Mar 19), Jeremy Zawodny said:
> Running the latest build from bitkeeper (as of Saturday or so) on my
> 4.0.x slave (FreeBSD 4.3), after several hours, I start getting these
> messages when apps try to connect to the server:
>   ERROR 1041: Out of memory;  Check if mysqld or some other process
>   uses all available memory. If not you may have to use 'ulimit' to
>   allow mysqld to use more memory or you can add more swap space
> However, I've verified that the ulimit is unlimited.  There is over
> 1.4GB of available memory on the machine, and there is a lot of disk
> space.
> Here's the relevant entry from the error log, repeated over and over:
>   020319 15:57:33  /home/mysql-4-bk/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory at line 100,
> ''
>   020319 15:57:33  /home/mysql-4-bk/libexec/mysqld: needed 16391 byte (17k), memory
> in use: 535192717 bytes (522650k)

( I'm assuming you really want to run mysql with > 512MB of cache here )

FreeBSD by default sets a hard max datasize limit of 512MB.  To raise
that, say, to 1gb, you'll either need to rebuild your kernel with
"options MAXDSIZ=(1024*1024*1024)", or add the line
"kern.maxdsiz=1073741824" to /etc/loader.conf, and reboot.

Actually, you shouldn't have been able to set your datasize ulimit to
'unlimited'.  It should have capped at the curent maxdsiz value.  What
does "ulimit -d" (or "limit d" if you use csh) print?

	Dan Nelson
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