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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 20 2002 2:11am
Subject:Re: Fulltext Retrieval in big!??? Databases
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At 2:20 +0100 3/20/02, Andreas Dau wrote:
>I have to plan a content retrieval system and am thinking of using mysql
>cause it's always been very reliable and convenient for my needs.
>Now, I do not have any experiences with databases of this size.
>The situation is as follows:
>We have round about 15gig of user documents (mainly MS Office documents
>such as doc or ppt).

If you're storing those in native format, then they're not text documents
and FULLTEXT searches are unlikely to benefit you.  At least, I wouldn't
guess so.

>These documents needs to be indexed (stored in fulltext fields?) for
>retrieval in an Intranet (100Mbit I think) with 50 clients.
>My question is: can this be done with MySQL? What hardware (server)
>would be needed to get the results in a time anywhere near resonable?
>And, do the clients need to be tweaked or would it be acceptable to use
>a Browser for it (php on an Apache)?
>Any recommendations are very much appreciated.

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