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From:Jeremy Zawodny Date:March 20 2002 12:09am
Subject:Backtrace for (Re: 4.0.x memory bug on FreeBSD...?)
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On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 04:02:46PM -0800, Jeremy Zawodny wrote:


> Here's the relevant entry from the error log, repeated over and over:
>   020319 15:57:33  /home/mysql-4-bk/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory at line 100,
> ''
>   020319 15:57:33  /home/mysql-4-bk/libexec/mysqld: needed 16391 byte (17k), memory
> in use: 535192717 bytes (522650k)
> It now has the CPU at 100% but isn't doing any real work.  The
> binary log is no longer updating.  I can kill mysqld and restart and
> it'll run fine for a day or so.  I know because this happened
> yesterday too.
> What can I do to debug this further?  Give it a "kill -6" and
> backtrace on the core?

Just for kicks, here's the backtrace:

#0  0x8242ab9 in _checkchunk (pRec=0x82f6fa0, sFile=0xa8 <Address 0xa8 out of
    uLine=2678966856) at safemalloc.c:429
#1  0x8242080 in _mymalloc (uSize=49152, sFile=0x82f6fa0 "mf_iocache.c", uLine=168, 
    MyFlags=32) at safemalloc.c:131
#2  0x823ff9d in init_io_cache (info=0x203c1130, file=31, cachesize=0, 
    type=WRITE_CACHE, seek_offset=109881604, use_async_io=1 '\001', cache_myflags=32)
    at mf_iocache.c:165
#3  0x8215b67 in mi_extra (info=0x203c1018, function=HA_EXTRA_WRITE_CACHE)
    at mi_extra.c:139
#4  0x80ce82f in ha_myisam::extra (this=0x203b3490, operation=HA_EXTRA_WRITE_CACHE)
#5  0x80a799a in mysql_insert (thd=0x203b9018, table_list=0x20c82050, 
    fields=@0x203b92e8, values_list=@0x203b9308, duplic=DUP_ERROR, 
#6  0x807e7da in mysql_execute_command () at
#7  0x8080f3e in mysql_parse (thd=0x203b9018, 
    inBuf=0x2070601c "INSERT INTO\n\t\t\t       LinkLog\n\t\t\t     VALUES\n\t\t\t      
('G-020319.djus', '', 'Link',
'fnews child 3/3>Add(G-020319.djus I-ne I-djus G-020319.I"..., length=912)
#8  0x80b6177 in Query_log_event::exec_event (this=0x20c52418, rli=0x8305e2c)
#9  0x80f557c in exec_relay_log_event (thd=0x203b9018, rli=0x8305e2c) at
#10 0x80f646d in handle_slave_sql (arg=0x8305ae0) at
#11 0x2837403b in _thread_start () from /usr/lib/
#12 0x0 in ?? ()

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