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From:Jeremy Zawodny Date:March 20 2002 12:02am
Subject:4.0.x memory bug on FreeBSD...?
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Running the latest build from bitkeeper (as of Saturday or so) on my
4.0.x slave (FreeBSD 4.3), after several hours, I start getting these
messages when apps try to connect to the server:

  ERROR 1041: Out of memory;  Check if mysqld or some other process
  uses all available memory. If not you may have to use 'ulimit' to
  allow mysqld to use more memory or you can add more swap space

However, I've verified that the ulimit is unlimited.  There is over
1.4GB of available memory on the machine, and there is a lot of disk

Here's the relevant entry from the error log, repeated over and over:

  020319 15:57:33  /home/mysql-4-bk/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory at line 100,
  020319 15:57:33  /home/mysql-4-bk/libexec/mysqld: needed 16391 byte (17k), memory in
use: 535192717 bytes (522650k)

It now has the CPU at 100% but isn't doing any real work.  The binary
log is no longer updating.  I can kill mysqld and restart and it'll
run fine for a day or so.  I know because this happened yesterday too.

What can I do to debug this further?  Give it a "kill -6" and
backtrace on the core?

Other ideas?

FYI, this was build with gcc 2.95.3 using the standard
compile-pentium-debug script.


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