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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 19 2002 10:28pm
Subject:Re: MySQL, FreeBSD problem
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In the last episode (Mar 19), Brad Phinney said:
> Hello all.
> I have an application that does a lot of table creation and writing for 
> a FreeBSD 4.4 SMP machine.  Over time, I begin to see the following 
> errors.  
> DBD::mysql::db tables failed: Can't read dir of './p0_samt_trans/' (Errcode: 2) at
> /var/SAMT/code/SAMTlib/ line 2552, <FILE> chunk 138.
> DBD::mysql::db do failed: Table 'p3_samt_trans.p3_int_sender_2_12_0' doesn't exist at
> /var/SAMT/code/SAMTlib/ line 2301, <FILE> chunk 138.

Error 2 is 'No such file or directory'.

Are you also seeing "file table full" messages on your console, or
something similar?  I think I remember someone else having the same
problem, and either their kernel file table was too small, their
per-user resource limits were too low, or they didn't have the mysql
table_cache variable set high enough.

What do the following commands print?

sysctl kern.maxfiles kern.openfiles
limits -n
mysql -e "show variables like 'table_cache'"
mysql -e "show status like 'Open_tables'"

	Dan Nelson
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