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From:Richard Reina Date:March 19 2002 6:09pm
Subject:Re: Minimum client.
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Thank you for the reply.  However, unfortunately the documentation that 
you refer to -- while instructive in respect to DBI usage -- does not 
answer my question, which is simply:

Must I install MySQL on a client workstation/PC in order to run perl/DBI 
scripts that query a local MySQL server?

I know I do need to install DBI, DBD:MySQL, however, I'm not sure what, 
if anything else I need to install on the client?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


John Eacrett wrote:

>  I found some information at the URL below that I think you will find
>interesting.  I think if you utilize this API, you will not need to install
>MySQL.  I am just guessing however, as I have no knowledge of Perl.  Good
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>Subject: Minimum client.
>>In order to run perl scripts that use DBI ( from a cleint machine ) to
>>query a MySQL server on the LAN Do I need to install MySQL on the client
>>machine or do I just need DBI? Both machines are running Red Hat 7.2.
>>Any help would be appreciated.

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