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From:Ken Kimball Date:March 26 1999 2:24pm
Subject:RE: <Holy War>
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Ok, I have to get in on this one.  SEQUEL stands for Structured English
Query Language, which was the original roots for SQL, which stands
simply for Structured Query Language.  If I remember the texts that I've
read correctly, the term SEQUEL was dropped in the late 80's (maybe
early 90's) in favor of the term SQL.  So unless your referring to the
early days of SQL the pronunciation is S-Q-L.

Just my 2 cents....

Ken Kimball []
Network Admin,
Moss, Inc.

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		Fred Read wrote:

		> <Holy War>
		> Really, SQL should be pronounced "Ess Queue Ell" in
the same
		> way you would pronounce CPU "See Pee You" and not
		> or "Sepugh" - it is not an acronym but a set of
		> As a reference, may I refer my learned colleague [and
		> else sad enough to care] to the following URL?
		>     ""
		> </Holy War>
		> --
		> If it ain't opinionated, it ain't Rich Teer.

		Well, Rich, Just what is an acronym? It's a word formed
by combining
		initial letters. Mysequel, or even mysqueel for that
matter, is in the
		same relative position as ain't. For years ain't twern't
a word. Today,
		however, it's in the dictionary. It's common usage that
will dictate, no
		matter how many English gurus, or programming gurus,
fight for purity.
		That is, in my opinion, the beauty of the English

		I should know. I live in Tennessee. We all be expurts at
that type


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