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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 15 1999 4:36pm
Subject:RE: hang on disk full
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At 1:27 PM +0300 8/14/99, <sinisa@stripped> wrote:
>Yanming Cao (Exchange) writes:
> > Yes, we bought a license for Win32 MySQL. The user id is
> > russellw1246.
> >
> > It's great to know that it is doable. The scenario is that
> > a user has 20 MB quota disk space with a MySQL database on
> > it. When the disk is full in some action query, we want to
> > roll back all changes done by this action query and return
> > a disk full error code. We definitely need help from you to
> > achieve this. (We need to do some kind of transaction here)
> >
> > Could you explain a little more on what consequences are if
> > not waiting for extra disk space but return immediately?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Yanming Cao
> > Microsoft Corp.
> >
>First about consequences. One of basic philosophies of MySQL is to try
>and deliver, even if ferocious obstacles are met. This is fully
>described in our manual on chapter on the full disk:
>When a disk full condition occurs, *MySQL* does the following:
>   * It checks once every minute to see whether or not there is enough
>     space to write the current row. If there is enough space, it
>     continues as if nothing had happened.
>   * Every 6 minutes it writes an entry to the log file warning about
>     the disk full condition.
>To alleviate the problem, you can take the following actions:
>   * To continue, you only have to free enough disk space to insert all
>     records.
>   * To abort the thread, you must send a `mysqladmin kill' to the
>     thread.  The thread will be aborted the next time it checks the
>     disk (in 1 minute).
>   * Note that other threads may be waiting for the table that caused
>     the "disk full" condition.  If you have several "locked" threads,
>     killing the one thread that is waiting on the disk full condition
>     will allow the other threads to continue.
>It is obviously possible to change this, and not too dificult, may be
>even to make a special version for you.
>But before we decide that, will you please tell us what is Microsoft
>using MySQL for ?? What kind of transactions does MySQL perform at
>your highly esteeemed company.
>We are happy that Microsoft is using MySQL, but we would like to know
>for what purpuse !


The answer is "MySQL doesn't support transactions".  Why does Microsoft
get a different answer than everybody else?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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