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From:Gerald Clark Date:March 8 2002 2:25pm
Subject:Re: Can not connect (again)
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The client has to be able to search var/lib/mysql and read and write the 
It is probably not able to do one of the above due to imprpoer 
privileges at the filesystem level.

Doug Thompson wrote:

>Yesterday, I wrote and described that my fix for a single cpu, non-RAID environment
> was installing a new version.  
>What I didn't say at the time is that the mysql.sock file was present exactly where it
> was supposed to be and at 
>exactly the location the error message said it couldn't find it:
> var/lib/mysql/mysql.socket.  Go figure.
>There is obviously something else going on, but I am ill-equipped to say what it is. 
> The point I am trying to make, 
>however, is that the procedures in the manual and all the stock answers are failing to
> provide a correction in many 
>cases.  I'm happy to have 3.23.49a functioning and now want to get to work with it. 
> However, if there are data to be 
>collected that would be helpful, I suppose I can revert to the RPM that came with
> RH7.1 and see if I can re-create the 
>Bot Bottleneck Botulin - query
>On Thu, 7 Mar 2002 17:18:01 +0200, Egor Egorov wrote:
>>d> Somewhere in setting the permissions and using safe_mysql I messed
> something
>>d> up.  I am now getting an Error 2002 can't connect to local Mysql through
>>d> socket var/lib/mysql/mysql.socket.  I don't know much about the socket
> file,
>>d> so if that has something to do with the problem, I'll need a brief
>>d> explanation.  Can someone PLEASE HELP because I'm desperate to get this
>>d> fixed yesterday.
>>    If your MySQL server is running then you should check location of
>>    the socket file and check the socket path in your my.cnf file.
>>    Check your privileges on the socket file and on the dir that 
>>    contains socket file.
>>    You can find the description of this error at:
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