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From:Gerald Clark Date:March 8 2002 2:31pm
Subject:Re: Anyone get MySQL and RH7.2 to work?
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Install your ncurses rpm.

Paul Warren wrote:

>I've been frustrated with this for the past I-donno-how-many days. Has
>anyone been able to get MySQL to work on Red Hat 7.2?
>I've been getting multiple errors. The First was the resolveIP() right from
>the beginning. I follwed what the mysql website said and got glibc version
>2.95 and that error dissappeared but I got a new one.
>my latest error was can't find "tgetent" in either "curces" or "termcap". I
>don't think I have either of the later installed. I don't know where I can
>get them.
>I'm using the source code and compiling it. With the RPM, I still get errors
>but it has installed somewhat. I'd like a clean install.
>Basically, I would like to know if anyone has got it to install sans errors
>and how did they do that.
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