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From:John Hunter Date:March 8 2002 3:43am
Subject:Re: delete after undo
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul DuBois <paul@stripped> writes:

    Paul> You can undo them using your backup.  Otherwise, no.

Well, since my backup is a couple of weeks old, this bites.

Before I give up hope entirely, I notice that the file
mysql/var/seizure/surgery.MYD is not empty, and has the values from
the table before the delete in it.  Although it is a binary file,
because it has large text fields I can read enough of it with 'less'
to see that the data is still there.  (The database/table in question
is seizure/surgery)

So, are you really, really sure there is no way to get at this
information with mysql?  It has not been deleted from the filesystem

John Hunter

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