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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 8 2002 3:15am
Subject:Re: delete after undo
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At 21:05 -0600 3/7/02, John Hunter wrote:
>I just did
>delete from some_table where 1>0;
>when I wanted to do
>delete from some_table where pid=1234;
>Nothing else has been done to the database since then.  Can I undo or
>not commit these changes?

You can undo them using your backup.  Otherwise, no.

>I am sure this is a FAQ, but I am in a panic so I would be much
>obliged if someone can offer some quick help or tell me to go to a
>backup (too old :-( ) or go drown my sorrows in a beer.
>John Hunter
>mysql version 3.23.37
>sql,select  (keywords to match spam filter)
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