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From:Sasha Pachev Date:March 26 1999 1:52pm
Subject:Re: SV: Consider a note
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Martin Edelius wrote:
> >This is a bit off-topic, but...
> Sorry to be a really cynical bastard but it's about as off-topic as it
> gets. If I wanted to get involved in discussions about who's right or
> wrong when it comes to war, be it in former Yougoslavia or Africa, I
> would have gone to such a mailing list/usenet group.

I think it is important to remember that  all the people on this list
are human. There is nothing wrong in expressing your desire for Sisina
and his family to survive the bombing on the MYSQL list. MYSQL is a
piece of software but it is developed, maintained and operated by
people. Besides, if Sisina gets killed, it will slow down MYSQL
development, and take away from the quality of tech support - a
technical unsentimental justification of Paul's posting.

Sasha Pachev
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