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From:Shankar Unni Date:March 7 2002 10:51pm
Subject:Re: A sure "way" to start/connect mysql under Linux
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Gelu wrote:

> 3.Go to in /etc/init.d and make 2(two) symbolic link from mysqld script to
> ...
>     - "K12mysqld" - OS kill the daemon when shutdown.
>     - "S12mysqld" - OS start the daemon on boot.
> rc3.d directory (if your OS boot on text mode) or rc5.d directory (if
> your OS boot with graphical login).

The only quibble I have with this is that the K and S numbers should be 
approximately (100-X) in relation to each other. Both K scripts and S 
scripts get run in directory sequence (i.e. from K00 to K99 when shutting 
down or switching to another runlevel, and S00 to S99 when starting up).

So if your process should be one of the earliest started, it should be one 
of the last to shut down, and vice versa.

For DB products, typical convention is to use S95 and K05, or something 
along those lines (i.e. start late,  kill early).

A sure "way" to start/connect mysql under LinuxGelu7 Mar
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