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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:March 7 2002 4:33pm
Subject:Re: Can not connect (again)
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  Did you try to connect to the server from network ?

  Try  to  force mysql client not to use the socket (what is does when
  it's connecting to localhost).

  Try  to connect from another server or even from the same server but
  with  the where is the IP of
  the server (not which is localhost !).

  This way you should be able to shutdown mysqld safely.

  When you restart Mysql, it will recreate the socket file.


d> Ok people, I'm desperate for the help.  I'm going to try to be as detailed
d> as possible, because I need the two year old explanation.  I recently
d> installed MySQL on my Cobalt Raq3.  I was running fine, created a db, table
d> created a user, gave some permissions, and thought I was rolling along.
d> Somewhere in setting the permissions and using safe_mysql I messed something
d> up.  I am now getting an Error 2002 can't connect to local Mysql through
d> socket var/lib/mysql/mysql.socket.  I don't know much about the socket file,
d> so if that has something to do with the problem, I'll need a brief
d> explanation.  Can someone PLEASE HELP because I'm desperate to get this
d> fixed yesterday.

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