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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:August 14 1999 5:17pm
Subject:Re: MySQL ISP issues
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Please see  I have nothing but good things to say about
their service.  They offer virtual hosting at very competitive prices.
They use mysql version 3.22.22 on linux.  

>Let me preface this message by noting that, without trying to take
>anything away from the O'Reilly MySQL book, I also am writing a book
>about MySQL.
>One of the chapters I'm planning to include will deal with the issues
>involved with MySQL and Internet service providers.  It'll cover both
>the kinds of things you want to look for when choosing an ISP as a
>customer, and the kinds of things ISPs can do to provide better MySQL
>service to their customers.
>To that end, I'd like to solicit input from readers of this list, since
>I know many of you access MySQL through an ISP or are ISPs yourself.
>There are the obvious types of things to ask when choosing an ISP,
>such as whether their version of MySQL is reasonably up to date and
>what their upgrade policy is, or whether they allow you to run MySQL
>through DBI or PHP, etc.  But I'd like to make sure I cover issues
>that go beyond the obvious.
>For customers, I'd like to hear about your experiences with your ISP,
>both good and bad - what factors did you find important in choosing
>your ISP, what kinds of things do they do that help you get your work
>done (or not!), what aspects of their service do you find helpful or
>For ISPs, I'd be interested to hear about such things as what influenced
>you to offer MySQL service (either in addition to or instead of other
>RDBMSs), what's made MySQL difficult or easy to maintain, and so forth.
>Also, what have you found that customers can do to make your job easier
>and to help you provide better service?  (Yes, I realize that in asking
>these questions, I am in a sense asking you to help actual or potential
>competitors. So I may not get many responses here - nevertheless, I won't
>get *any* if I don't ask! :-))
>Feel free to reply privately.  If you think your remarks may spur
>discussion, please reply to the list.  Thanks.
>Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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