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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 6 2002 3:42pm
Subject:Re: Deleting a Record
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At 7:46 -0500 3/6/02, Chuck \"PUP\" Payne wrote:
>I a seting up a php page that will let me delete a record from my mysql
>database, but I want it be able to match to fields before it will let a user
>delete that record. I know the basic sql command is....
>DELETE FROM $table WHERE field 1 = "$value"
>But I don't know how to write the state for a second field. Can some one
>tell, but one field seem to give too much choose and would make it to easy
>to delete the wrong record.

Connect the conditions with AND:

DELETE FROM tbl_name WHERE col1 = 'value1' AND col2 = 'value2'

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