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From:Micheal Mc Evoy Date:March 26 1999 1:23pm
Subject:Re: <Holy War>
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My understanding is tht SQL (pronounced SEQUEL) is a offspring of an
experimental/early daabase language called SEQUEL.

As a historical note: I began using SQL in 1985, EVERYONE that I knew,
from database programmers to Comp Sci instructors, all pronounced it

BTW, SCSI (pronounced SCUZZY) was suppose to be pronounced SEXY, or at
least the marketdroids wanted that pronunciation.
Most accronyms are pronounced, not spelled out. At least in the language
that is the most confusing - American English.

Just my 2p.


On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Robert Pruitt wrote:

>Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 06:29:32 -0800
>From: Robert Pruitt <RPruitt@stripped>
>To: mysql@stripped
>Subject: Re: <Holy War>
>Fred Read wrote:
>> <Holy War>
>> Really, SQL should be pronounced "Ess Queue Ell" in the same
>> way you would pronounce CPU "See Pee You" and not "Kerpooh"
>> or "Sepugh" - it is not an acronym but a set of initials...
>> As a reference, may I refer my learned colleague [and anyone
>> else sad enough to care] to the following URL?
>>     ""
>> </Holy War>
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