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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 13 1999 7:12pm
Subject:Re: Completely new
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At 20:49, 19990812, Sasha Pachev wrote:
>Patrick Ramsey wrote:
>> I guess I should say this: I have no experience in any type of programming
>> and this will be my first dive into database design.  :)
>> Does anyone feel like lending a hand?
>Ask for help with specific problems when you run into trouble, but make
>sure to work on the problem yourself for a while first - this is a very
>effective way to learn.

If you'd rather have someone else write the program for you, instead
of learn how to do it, that's also another option.  If you really want
to learn, though, then we'll need to know more about you than that you
"have no experience in any type of programming".

Having no experience isn't something that will stop you from getting
this done.  Having no skill, though, and having no motivation to learn
on your own, will stop you.  What we need is for you to say something
like these:

    OK, I'm trying to pick a language to write in.  Which should I use?

        Well, this is a hard question, because every language has it's
        proponents and they all have good points.  Pick the one that
        you find simplest to understand, and that you think will get
        finished with the project with the least headache.

    OK, I decided to use language X.  I picked up the best book I could
    find on it, and I've gone through the examples.  Now I'm trying to
    get MySQL to work with it, and I can't.  Here's my program:

    <source code for *very short* test program goes here>

    What am I missing?

        You are close - you forgot to call ForzBlaschter() before
        connecting to the database.  Oh, also you forgot to initialize
        your variables.  That's not why you can't connect to MySQL,
        but it'll crash your program at some indeterminable time in
        the future.

    OK, I've connected to MySQL, and I have my database set up.  But
    I can't seem to get a certain report that I need.  Here's my info:

    <database schema>

    <query attempt that doesn't work, along with errors or wrong output>

    What I want is a list of Foo, Bar and Baz, sorted by Susie.

        OK, well you can do it with this query:

        <some query here that should work>

        But your database design could use some work.  You shouldn't
        be storing the Foo field in the XY table - it should be in a
        table of its own.  Then your query could be like this:

        <some better query here>

The point is that we need something to go on, and we need a demonstration
that you're a competent person who can communicate problems and understand
answers.  From your message, we only know that you don't know anything.
We don't know whether you're willing to but an effort into learning, or if
you just want us to write the app for you.

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