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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 2 2002 3:35am
Subject:LOAD DATA diagnostic: program available
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Every now and then the question comes up: LOAD DATA indicates a non-zero
warning count when I load a file into MySQL; how can I tell which values
caused the warnings?

As part of the stuff that's going into the MySQL Cookbook, I've written
a program that diagnoses your data file and tells you where the warnings
come from.  It's a Perl script and requires that you have DBI installed.
I'm making an early release available, along with some other scripts from
the chapter in the Cookbook concerned with import/export problems.  (For
example, there's also a script that looks at a data file
and guesses the CREATE TABLE statement you'd need for creating a table
to load the data into.)  If you want to try these, they're available at:
LOAD DATA diagnostic: program availablePaul DuBois2 Mar