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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 1 2002 9:40pm
Subject:Re: Changing ft_min_word_len
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At 21:02 +0100 3/1/02, Steve Rapaport wrote:
>I need to change the variable ft_min_word_len, in mysql 4.0.1

It's a server variable, so you set it the same way as another other
variable.  Here's what's in my my.cnf file:

set-variable= ft_min_word_len=3

>The manual doesn't say how:
>Here's the closest it comes:
>SHOW VARIABLES shows the values of some MySQL system variables. You can also
>get this information using the mysqladmin variables command. If the default
>values are unsuitable, you can set most of these variables using command-line
>options when mysqld starts up. 
>See section 4.1.1 mysqld Command-line Options.
>(Apparently not this one, it's not mentioned in the link.)
>later in the page...
>ft_min_word_len The minimum length of the word to be included in a FULLTEXT
>index. Note: FULLTEXT index have to be rebuilt after changing this variable.
>Again no mention of how it can be changed. 
>Anyone know?  I hope I don't have to rebuild the dist...

You don't.  You'll have to rebuild your FULLTEXT indices after restarting
the server, of course.
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