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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 1 2002 5:45pm
Subject:RE: more than one owner?
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At 12:27 -0500 3/1/02, Edward Peloke wrote:
>I was thinking more along the lines of creating a db called test and
>creating two tables:
>test.clients and test2.clients

Huh?  Those are two tables in different databases, not two tables in
the same database.

>Like you can do in MSSQL, create many table owners in the same db.

Well, that's what Victoria said, in effect.  You can grant access
to multiple people.  That's like what you're calling "owners".

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>Subject: more than one owner?
>Friday, March 01, 2002, 5:25:23 PM, you wrote:
>EP> Is it possible to specify more than one owner in a mysql db?  I want to
>EP> create tables with different owners.
>Yes, it's possible. You can specify many users with different grants
>on the same database, table, column...
>You should use GRANT statement. For more clarity look at:
>EP> Eddie
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