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From:Sasha Pachev Date:March 26 1999 12:42pm
Subject:Re: Mysql/Perl Question?
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Douglas Brantz wrote:
> This is probably not possible, but I would like to create a web form
> that would give a person the ability to choose whatever field they want
> with five drop down menus.
> and then get the results from the database, something like the ODBC
> query.
> example-Name="FIRST" the choices could be fields from the table such as
> <OPTION VALUE="dept">Department

This is not a difficult thing to do actually. Just write some logic that
will construct the query string from the user input. Something like


@fields = ();

push(@fiels, $env{field_1) if(env{field_1));
push(@fiels, $env{field_2) if(env{field_2));

$query = "select ".join(',',@fields)." from the_table";

Sasha Pachev
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