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From:Sasha Pachev Date:August 13 1999 2:49am
Subject:Re: Completely new
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Patrick Ramsey wrote:
> Ok guys/gals...
> I have just installed mysql and php3 with apache... on a stock suse 6.1 box.
> My goal here is to be able to keep up with a downtime log and a change
> management type log that is browseable via the intranet.
> I want others in my department (connectivity) to be able to add to the down time
> and change management logs through http.
> the downtime side needs to be able to record input such as date/time site
> went down, equipment problems, and time site connectivity was restored.
> As well as the person who fixed the problem.
> the change management side needs to record input such as date/time an
> equipment change was made, and at what site, why it was made and by whom
> it was made.
> I guess I should say this: I have no experience in any type of programming
> and this will be my first dive into database design.  :)
> Does anyone feel like lending a hand?
> -Patrick

Follow these step:

 - write a hello world program
 - create a simple SQL table
 - write a program that will insert/delete/modify values
 - create a set of tables
 - write a program that will do something with it

By the time you are done you will have enough experience not be
completely lost.

Ask for help with specific problems when you run into trouble, but make
sure to work on the problem yourself for a while first - this is a very
effective way to learn.

Sasha Pachev
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