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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 12 1999 9:09pm
Subject:Re: php3
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At 16:52, 19990812, Stuart D Jackson wrote:
>	I am starting to use (or at least trying to use) phpMyAdmin 2.0.
>I just downloaded and installed it, but when I try and view index.php3, it
>displays the html instad of the page.  I assume I has something
>misconfigured with my browser, but I am not sure.  Any advice would be
>great.  Thanks a lot.  I am running intel solaris 7, apache, and netscape.

It would be much appreciated if you asked this question in a PHP
forum, instead of a MySQL one.  I suppose I'm being too hard on
you, but I figure that since you already know it's got nothing to
do with MySQL, you might also know that the MySQL list isn't the
right place to ask.

It's not your browser, it's Apache's configuration.  Open up the main
config file (httpd.conf, unless you changed it), search for 'php3',
and uncomment the appropriate lines.  Restart Apache.  Hopefully it
will work.  If not, ask again (in an appropriate place).

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