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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 26 1999 1:57am
Subject:Install script doesn't copy all files.
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>>>>> "Super-User" == Super-User  <root@stripped>
> writes:

>> Description:
Super-User> not copied to /opt/lib32 by installation script.
>> How-To-Repeat:
Super-User> 	make; make install
>> Fix:
Super-User> 	copy manually.  This may or may not be caused by permissions
Super-User> 	on a pre-existing version, though I doubt it as no error
Super-User> 	message is generated by the install script (makefile)
>> Submitter-Id:	Joel Caesar<submitter ID>
>> Originator:	Joel Caesar
>> Organization:
Super-User> 	Silicon Graphics
>> MySQL support: none 
>> Synopsis:	Install script doesn't copy all files.	
>> Severity:	serious
>> Priority:	low
>> Category:	mysql
>> Class:		sw-bug
>> Release:	mysql-3.22.20a (Source distribution)

>> Environment:

The libmysqlclient script is not copied to /opt/lib32 as this normally 
is not needed;  libtool tries to arrange that you can use the compiled 
clients without having to copy to the system lib

At least this works on Linux and Solaris when compiled with
--prefix=/usr/local/mysql ;  I don't know how this works on SGI.

Didn't you get a note about this when you did run 'make'?

Install script doesn't copy all files.(Super-User)25 Mar
  • Install script doesn't copy all files.Michael Widenius26 Mar