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From:Tod Harter Date:February 18 2002 8:14pm
Subject:Re: Porting from MsSQL to MySQL (VERRY XML RELATED)
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On Monday 18 February 2002 13:05, Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Feb 18), Marcelo Iturbe said:
> > Hello,
> > Currently I have an aplication which stores the information in an MsSQL
> > database in a straight forward manner, "insert into blah blah"
> >
> > However, I retrieve the information in XML format using the FOR XML
> > EXPLICIT statements that come with MsSQL 2000.
> You'll have to generate the XML in your application.   Here are a
> couple links (picked from a google search on "mysql xml select") to get
> you started:

You might also look into the xml-dbms project, which is a good toolset for 
some purposes, though it may not be applicable to your needs. One of these 
days someone will get around to embedding a procedural language into MySQL, 
then stuff like this will be pretty easy...

I vote for perl myself ;o).
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