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From:Marcelo Iturbe Date:February 18 2002 1:09pm
Subject:Porting from MsSQL to MySQL (VERRY XML RELATED)
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Currently I have an aplication which stores the information in an MsSQL
database in a straight forward manner, "insert into blah blah"

However, I retrieve the information in XML format using the FOR XML EXPLICIT
statements that come with MsSQL 2000.

The select stament looks something like

select 1 as tag, null as parent,
login as [info!1!first_name!element]
from user_info

Without the FOR XML EXPLICIT  statement this returns a the following
TAG   PARENT   info!1!first_name!element
1     NULL     Marcelo
1     NULL     Pablo

WITH the FOR XML EXPLICIT statement, this query returns the following STRING


I then i just throw that XML STRING to the XSL pages and voila! I have an
html page.

I have been reading alot about XML support in this mailing list. But this
XML support has NOTHING to do with how the information is being stored, just
how the information is being delivered to the client.

Any idea if something like this will ever be implemented in MySQL? If so

If not I am afraid that if we decide to switch from MsSQL 2000 to MySQL will
be a painfull one.



PS. I do realize that the "FOR XML EXPLICIT " statement is NOT SQL Standard
and that I made a pact with the devil when I decided to use it.

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