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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:February 17 2002 8:56am
Subject:Re: operating system error number 3
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please look in the manual :

If InnoDB prints an operating system error in a file operation, look from
section 13.2 what that error code means. Usually the problem is one of the

You did not create InnoDB data or log directories.
mysqld does not have the rights to create files in those directories.
mysqld does not read the right my.cnf or my.ini file, and consequently does
not see the options you specified.
The disk is full or a disk quota is exceeded.
You have created a subdirectory whose name is equal to a data file you
There is a syntax error in innodb_data_home_dir or innodb_data_file_path.

If something goes wrong in an InnoDB database creation, you should delete
all files created by InnoDB. This means all data files, all log files, the
small archived log file, and in the case you already did create some InnoDB
tables, delete also the corresponding .frm files for these tables from the
MySQL database directories. Then you can try the InnoDB database creation
again. It is best to start the MySQL server from a command prompt so that
you see what is happening.
3 The system cannot find the path specified. ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND

Error number 3 means you have not created the InnoDB data or log
directories. Please use the MS-DOS mkdir command to create the directories.

Best regards,

Heikki Tuuri
Innobase Oy
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From: "Loretta" <loretta.stone@stripped>
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Date: Sunday, February 17, 2002 6:27 AM
Subject: operating system error number 3

>Hello everyone:
>I am hoping you can help me.  I have Windows 98 SE as my operating system.
>I have installed MySQL 4.0.1.  I originally had Win ME and MySQL 3.23.48
>could not make them work together.  Hopefully, someone will be able to help
>The error I am getting is
>InnoDB:  Warning:  operating system error number 3 in a file operation.
>InnoDB:  Cannot continue operation.
>I have never used MySQL in my life before this.  I have read the manual and
>done an online search to figure out how to fix this error but have had no
>luck.  If you are able to help me please be detailed in how I am to fix
>Any help will be appreciated.  I am trying to develop this database for a
>Church to use.
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