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From:Richard Reina Date:February 16 2002 5:57pm
Subject:Re: Statistical analysis query?
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>You're stumped!? Where does that leave us? Unfortunately (AFAIK) the sample data you
> have enclosed does not
>demonstrate the condition you seek to describe - perhaps it would have been better if
> you gave us a replicable
>example, so that we can UNDERSTAND the problem before we try to help you out. Neither
> did you enclose your
>current best-shot so that we might see how you have approached the problem (and
> perhaps further 'discover'
>aspects of the problem) [grumble!]
>Forgive me for ignoring the finer points of your requirement, in an attempt to
> actually get the 'right data'
>coming off the tables first...What does the following query do for you?
>SELECT volunteer.VID, volunteer.Name, no_show_shifts.SID, no_show_shifts.DATE,
> shifts.SID, shifts.DATE, count()
>  FROM volunteer, no_show_shifts, shifts
>  WHERE no_show_shifts.VID = volunteer.VID
>    AND shifts.VID = volunteer.VID
>  GROUP BY volunteer.VID
>  HAVING no_show_shifts.DATE < shifts.DATE
>Does the COUNT() have to mention no_show_shifts.DATE or .SID?
I would think that it does not really matter becasue are SIDs are unique 
and sequential ( if a volunteer pooped out on shift 198  and came the 
next day and did shift 200 we know he had an earlier cancelation).  I'll 
see where I can get with your query and let you know what I get.

>Please advise,

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