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From:Gerald Clark Date:February 15 2002 3:54pm
Subject:Re: Problem in MySql while inserting '\'
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How would you do:
set field='Jim said, "that's crazy."'

you would have to escape the quote somehow.  The  '\' is the escaper 
set field='Jim said, "that\'s crazy."'

That means hat the escape character must also be escaped.

Check the manual for the section on special characters.

Most languages that support MySQL also have a function that can [ 
should] be used
to escape all strings before they are inserted or matched in a query.

jroy@stripped wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>     This seems to be a definite defect in MySql. While inserting a String into
>a MySql attribute defined as VARCHAR or VARCHAR BINARY, etc., if a '\' is
>present in the String, it is simply disregarded, and the remaining part of the
>String gets inserted. For inserting a '\', we have to use '\\'. However, the
>question remains that why should I give a special treatment to a String
>containing '\' ? Normally I am not bothered by the values I insert, as long as
>it is a String. I think I should be able to insert any String, irrespective of
>its value, into an attribute specified as VARCHAR, without any special
>     What do you say about this, and is there any justification for this kind of
>behaviour ?
>          Thanks and regards,
>                              Jit Roy Chowdhury
>                              Hughes Software Systems
>                              Gurgaon,
>                               India
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