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From:David Johnson Date:March 26 1999 2:54am
Subject:RE: mysqladmin shutdown
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The error log didn't help and the engineer went ahead and ran isamchk before
I had a chance to look around in detail.  If it happens again, I'll be
better prepared.


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>>>>> "David" == David Johnson <davej@stripped> writes:

David> 3.22.15-gamma on BSD 3.1.

I am not aware of any problems like the above with BSD 3.1
(Except if you are using a broken compiler)

'mysqladmin shutdown' should take down MySQL nicely without any

Are you 100 % sure that the your problem couldn't be something else?
Did you check the hostname.err log for errors?


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David> David Johnson wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> While one of our engineers was testing shutdown/startup scripts for our
>> database, the database got horribly corrupted.  We ran isamchk and it
>> "fixed" the problem, but hundreds of our rows got deleted.  The engineer
>> ran:
>> mysqladmin shutdown
>> Did the problem occur because he didn't flush the tables first?  Any
>> ideas?

David> What version of Mysql & What operating system were you using? - I've
David> seen
David> the above once, which was caused by a known 'problem' and the O/S's
David> Threads implementation (and this was a while ago)...

David> -Kp

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