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From:Thimble Smith Date:August 12 1999 6:48am
Subject:Re: Help me please with CHARSET
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At 10:43, 19990812, Andrey Muratov wrote:
>Hello all. I've already asked the question a couple of times but i got no
>answers... so sorry for the repeat.

I'm sorry that you've gotten no responses!

>The source was compiled with default option --with-charset=LATIN1 (or
>whatever it is)
>If I compile ctype-win1251.c myself and add it to libmysqlstring.a can I
>change charset after compilation of mysql source?

I believe you must recompile in order to change the charset; there is no
run-time option.

>And if yes then how ?
>Because when we compile the source with option --with-charset=win1251 it
> failed: Undefined symbol "_ctype_win1251" in mysql:mysql
>So if i recompile the source and it does not work the db will not work for
>some time which is not good. So i want to know if its possible to change
>CHARSET "on fly" so if something is not working i will be able to get all

I would recommend you compile MySQL with the new charset, and install
it into a separate directory:

$ configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql-win1251 --other-options

Then you can test things out safely.  To make a switch, you just
set up a soft link from /usr/local/mysql-win1251/var -> /your/data/dir
and you should be okay.  If there are problems, just start using the
other installation again.

I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help you with the Undefined symbol.

Help me please with CHARSETAndrey Muratov12 Aug
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