Threads for Oct 2017

How to get the MySQL Command-Line Tool to display Unicode properlymessageRoger House18 Oct 2017
MySQL Cluster 7.3.19 has been releasedmessagePrashant Tekriwal18 Oct 2017
MySQL Cluster 7.4.17 has been releasedmessagedaniel.horecki18 Oct 2017
MySQL Cluster 7.5.8 has been releasedmessageLars Tangvald18 Oct 2017
MySQL Community Server 5.6.38 has been releasedmessageGipson Pulla16 Oct 2017
MySQL Community Server 5.7.20 has been releasedmessageHery Ramilison16 Oct 2017
[ANN] Mroonga 7.07 - Fast fulltext search for all languages onMySQLmessageKentaro Hayashi13 Oct 2017
Last established connection timestamp by a specific usermessagesSajan Gone, Singer Wang10 Oct 2017
Question about contributing a patchmessagesXiaoyu Wang, shawn l.green9 Oct 2017