Threads for May 1999

MyODBC QuestionmessagesAlan Jacobson, Peter Harvey29 May
[MySQL / php] please - helpmessagesPhilippe Chauvat27 May
myODBC stopped workingmessagesJason Smith, Peter Harvey, David Carlson27 May
ODBC dominomessageKelly B. Babbit27 May
Problem with sets column typemessageBryan Mayland25 May
join errorsmessagesRichard Farmer, Christian Mack25 May
MyODBC and cursor supportmessageFederico Balbi21 May
About Your WebsitemessageBarbie21 May
random dropped connections via odbc from asp web pagemessagesJohn Pearson, David Carlson20 May
ODBC and remote accessmessagesRuben, Christian Mack20 May
MyODBC + PHP 3.0.6 (NT) = Cursors problemsmessageMikael Grave20 May
Need help installing MyODBC on NT WorkstationmessagesChristian Mack, Bruce Sedlacek20 May
myodbc errors with mysql databasemessageBob Stickel18 May
myodbc-2.50.22 breaks perl sockets on NT?messagesMike McCauley, Michael Widenius17 May
Different result with Access 97 and ODBC TestmessagesMartin Trzaskalik, Christian Mack14 May
[myodbc] Port numbermessagesPhilippe Chauvat, Michael Widenius, Phillip Grant12 May
[myODBC]messagesPhilippe Chauvat, Peter Carter, Calistra Research Labs12 May
Connecting to MySQL using Access and VBAmessagesPhilip A. Chapman, Phillip Grant, Michael Widenius12 May
cursorsmessagesRichard Farmer, Phillip Grant11 May
client gets complete result-set after SQLExecDirectmessagesMichael Widenius, Paul Schwarzl, Calistra Research Labs11 May
data truncatedmessagesMichael Widenius, Richard Farmer, Christian Mack, Calistra Research Labs11 May
could anyone help me about myodbcmessagesVAPSINT, Jani Tolonen10 May
[Win98 + Linux + MySQL + php3 + Images]messagePhilippe Chauvat7 May
SQLConfigDataSourcemessagesOystein Fledsberg, Patrick Sherrill, Peter Harvey7 May
ODBC driver for Win98messagesDavid Carlson, David Heise, Matt Mahoney, Christian Mack6 May
[VB / MyODBC / Win98]Connecting to a DatabasemessagesPhilippe Chauvat, Michael Widenius5 May
Can't update a table using MyODBCmessagesPhillip Grant, Pat Sherrill, Frank Salinas, Frank Salinas3 May
Problems with LEFT JOIN in Access...messageMichael Widenius2 May
Bug in myodbc drivermessageMichael Widenius2 May