Threads for Apr 1999

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Visual Basic, mysql, and Linuxmessagedavcam29 Apr
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using netscape's LiveWire technologymessagesiham29 Apr
Problem with MyODBCmessagesChristian Kirsch, Michael Widenius, Peter Harvey, M.-A. Lemburg28 Apr
Visual Basic, MySQLmessagesMichael Widenius, jasons28 Apr
MySQL ODBC WNT 2.50.2100: BUG in SQLDescribeCol and SQL_CHAR typesmessagesOcke Janssen, Michael Widenius27 Apr
Access/MyODBC problem?? (urgent)messagesRichard Bemrose, Christian Mack26 Apr
myodb-digestmessagesHrvoje Devčić, Michael Widenius25 Apr
undefined symbol: mysql_initmessagesPetr Stehlik, Peter Harvey22 Apr
myODBC install on Win98messagesCarmen Garcia Lapuente, Paul Chung, Liviu Chiriac22 Apr
Why setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,"English") in ODBC drivermessages(Kari Lempiainen), Michael Widenius21 Apr
Proxy accessmessagesBrian Andrews, Michael Widenius, h.kapper, Garry Shtern21 Apr
Problem with mysql/myodbc and VisualBasic 6 (ADO)messagesHermann-Marcus Behrens, Craig Petty, Brian Andrews20 Apr
FW: server side cursorsmessageJoe Magura19 Apr
Changes in Recordset [RE: CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++]messageOlivier Auer19 Apr
CTTnnnn.TMP Files in VC++messagesOlivier Auer, Patrick Sherrill19 Apr
One DSN for multiple databases on a single MySQL server???messagesDave Appleton, Nathan Poole, Michael Widenius, Peter Carter, Stephen Bognar, Brian Andrews, Pat Sherrill18 Apr
Beginners questionsmessagesJay Miller, Mark Pors16 Apr
IIS 4.0 crashmessagesLuiz Otavio Souza, Todd Long, Michael Widenius16 Apr
Parse errorsmessagesMark Pors, Christian Mack16 Apr
MySQL ODBC driver for iODBC driver manager version 2.50?messageRob Pinciuc15 Apr
MyODBC installationmessagesPat Sherrill, Paul Chung, Carmen Garcia Lapuente, Ed Carp14 Apr
referential integrity in AccessmessageMichiel Kreutzer12 Apr
Access subfofrms do not workmessagesMichiel Kreutzer, Michael Widenius, Calistra Research Labs, Ed Carp, David Carlson, Simen Rønning8 Apr
MyODBC 2.50.22 under LinuxmessagesPetr Stehlik, Michael Widenius, Calistra Research Labs2 Apr
mysql & visual Java++ promessageBrian Huddleston1 Apr