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From:Calistra Research Labs Date:March 25 1999 1:13am
Subject:Re: Managing Unix mySQL database from PC?
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Have you looked at the Calistra ODBC mySQL Administrator? It looks like
just the job for you - it runs on a remote Win32 machine and requires NO
programming - not even SQL....

> From: Ed Carp <erc@stripped>
> To: Robert Wentworth <rhww@stripped>; mysql@stripped
> Cc: myodbc@stripped
> Subject: Re: Managing Unix mySQL database from PC?
> Date: Thursday, March 25, 1999 1:34 AM
> >I am building a web site using mySQL on a Sun UltraSparc server
> >managed by a commercial hosting provider.  My question is:
> >
> >    What is the best strategy (or what are my options) for managing
> >    this database from my (local) PC?
> >
> >I'm new to this, but I imagine my options might include:
> >
> >A)  Do everything on the server.  Build a secure management
> >    interface to allow us to perform management operations
> >    from a web browser.
> >
> >B)  Arrange to export/import tables, download/upload to/from PC,
> >    manipulate data locally in, e.g., MicroSoft Access.
> >
> >C)  Arrange for flexible remote access to the database on the
> >    server, e.g., by having MicroSoft Access talk to the remote
> >    database via ODBC.  (I have no idea if this is possible.)
> (C) is your best bet, but I'd advise against using Access - write code in
> Visual Basic to manipulate the server.  Most database operations in MySQL
> can be done by throwing SQL at the server.
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