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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 28 1999 3:22pm
Subject:Compiling MyODBC on Linux.
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>>>>> "Edward" == Edward Rudd <eddie@stripped> writes:

Edward> I am trying to compiile the latest MyODBC (2.50.27) with unixODBC but
Edward> ran into problems as it requires MySQL 2.23.x  I am using 2.22.27.
Edward> So I ended up compiling the 2.50.26 release of MyODBC.  However when It
Edward> finished compiling it only created a static library (libmyodbc.a) and I
Edward> can't figure out how to get it to compile a shared library
Edward> (  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I would suggest you install MySQL 3.23, but only the clients libraries 
(this should be quite safe); ./configure --without-server

After this the newest MyODBC version should compile cleanly

The config.log should contains information why you didn't compile
shared libraries!

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