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From:Patrick Sherrill Date:November 22 1999 3:32pm
Subject:Re: Mysql and dynasets
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You cannot use dynasets with MyODBC.  The recordset must be of snapshot
type.  If you require dynasets, you will need to create a link table using
MS Access.  Just link to your MyODBC configured database.  MS Access will
wrap Jet around the ODBC driver and provide you the functionality required
for dynasets.

I hope this helps...


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From: Jones, Benny <Ben@stripped>
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Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 10:13 AM
Subject: Mysql and dynasets

> I'm trying to get an application (EventReader) running on Windows NT to
> update a mysql database on a linux system.  I have myodbc installed, but
> getting an error message
> ODBC error code: 1012
> ODBC driver does not support dynasets
> Could someone shed some light on what the problem is?
> Thanks much.
> Benny Jones
> ben@stripped
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