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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 23 1999 8:40pm
Subject:MyODBC: Access 97 "Overflow" error
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>>>>> "Devon" == Devon Biere <Devon.Biere@stripped>
> writes:

Devon> I'm using Access 97 to maintain a local copy of a remote MySQL database.  The
Devon> Access database is stored and run on a Netware server.  Since I opted not to do
Devon> live updates of the MySQL tables through ODBC, all editing and data entry takes
Devon> place in the local database, although I did set up links to the remote tables
Devon> using MyODBC so that Access can export the data to MySQL when called for.  I
Devon> wrote a macro that empties the remote MySQL tables then runs append queries
> that
Devon> refill the remote tables with the contents of the updated Access tables.

Devon> I have successfully run this macro while using a Windows 98 PC.  However, when
Devon> running the macro from an NT workstation, Access returns an error stating
Devon> "Overflow" and halts the macro.  The append query that gets stuck is supposed
> to
Devon> be sending up about 22,000 records.  I tried splitting the query up into three
Devon> parts to send the data up in smaller increments but I got the same error.
Devon> 16,067 records made it up to the MySQL table before the macro stopped running.

Devon> I am truly puzzled that it works on Windows 98 but not on NT.  I am using the
Devon> most recent version of MyODBC (full setup) for both platforms.  Does anyone
> have
Devon> any thoughts on this?  Thanks in advance...

Devon> Devon


Can you find out if it's a Access or a MyODBC bug ?

You may be able to find out something by doing a MyODBC trace (it will 
however be quite large if you must dump 16.067 rows before an error.

Another option is to download the MySQL 3.22.20 source and use the
'copy_db' perl script.  This should be able to copy any database
between any SQL servers (but you will probably have to tweak it a bit)

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