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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 14 1999 9:39pm
Subject:RV: Troubles with vb and MyODBC
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>>>>> "Julio" == Julio Saura <Julio@stripped> writes:

Julio> Hi, i´m a making an appliaction in VB and Myodbc on RedHat 6.0.
>> everythings seems to be working ok.
>> But when I try  making an update or an insert of a new record i have
>> the following error : not enough primary key information for an
>> update.
>> Does anyone have the same problem, or can anyone help me???????
>> Thanks in advance.


Add a primary key and a timestamp to your table and it should work.


PS: Sorry for the long delay before replying, but I just come back from
    a 2 weeks vacation trip.
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