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From:Patrick Sherrill Date:November 4 1999 7:17pm
Subject:Re: Access 2000 - user already updating record
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If you set your DATE types to NOT NULL you need to set the default to an
actual date ACCESS can't deal with '0000-00-00' which is what MySQL will set
a DATE type to if it the date it is passed is invalid.  By setting the
column to NOT NULL you essentially force a date of '0000-00-00' when that
column is empty.

Set any DATE type columns to default to a known valid date that you can
identify in your application.  I use epoch '1970-01-01' or my birthdate.
regdate DATE NOT NULL DEFAULT='1970-01-01'

I hope this helps.


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Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 1:21 PM
Subject: Access 2000 - user already updating record

> I've seen this mentioned a couple of times and still can't figure out the
> answer.
> I have a MySQL database table:
> CREATE TABLE listings1199 (
> ID mediumint(7) unsigned primary key,
> START date not null,
> END date not null,
> EVENT varchar(80),
> FAC varchar(80),
> CITY varchar(50) not null,
> STATE char(2) not null,
> REG char(2) not null,
> CODE varchar(30),
> PRI tinyint(1) unsigned,
> WWW varchar(100),
> LAT int(10) unsigned not null,
> LON int(10) unsigned not null,
> )
> I populated this table with about 1000 records using MySQLimport.
> I can create a linked table in Access 2000 which displays all the data in
> the table and allows me to add a new record, but any change to an existing
> records produces an error message saying that another user is accessing
> data and gives me an option to copy the data to the clipboard or abort the
> changes.
> I saw a note saying that the table needed both primary keys and a
> field for linked changes and I've tried this, but I must be missing
> something, since I can't get it to work for me.  Can someone who is
> modifying data thru linked Access 2000 tables give me some specific
> directions?
> Sanford Carr
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