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From:David Carlson Date:March 22 1999 4:05pm
Subject:RE: beginner: how to upload?
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Actually, I think the question is an ODBC question. I have not used Excel,
but in MS Access, you have two choices when setting up the ODBC connection:
1) 'import' brings the entire table onto your local machine. Any changes you
make will stay only on your local machine.
2) 'link' sets up a link from your local machine to the remote mySQL server.
Any changes you make on your local machine will update the remote server

Perhaps it is the same in Excel? If so, I think you want the link option.

I don't know how to upload an entire file from Excel (or Access) to mySQL -
which I think was your original question and remains unanswered.  Maybe you
could write a macro to do it in Excel, but I suspect someone must know a
better way.

When inputting large tables, we FTP the table in text format to the mySQL
server, and run a small perl script that parses the table and inputs it
automatically to the appropriate table in mySQL. This is very reliable and
much faster for large data input than a linked ODBC connection.


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>It must be one of the simplest questions, but how can one upload
>the changes made on the queried entries to the server from Excel??

This is not a MySQL question.  Please see the documentation for Excel.

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