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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 8 1999 2:39am
Subject:User Login Question
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>>>>> "Gerry" == Gerry Doyon <gpdoyon@stripped> writes:

Gerry> Howdy all,
Gerry> I am connecting to MySQL running on Linux via Windows 98 using the
Gerry> latest version of MyODBC.   I have entered a unique user account for
Gerry> each user, with no password required.  The problem is that every time I
Gerry> run my custom application the MyODBC configuration screen is displayed
Gerry> prompting the user for their Username.  This is not a huge deal, but, I
Gerry> would like the Username automatically passed so all they have to do is
Gerry> press Enter.  Better yet, no prompting at all!

Gerry> Can someone tell how I might do this?  Can I create a config file on the
Gerry> Windows 98 workstation to automate this?

Gerry> Thanks !


If you fill in all fields (except the 'sql command' field) on the
ODBC/MyODBC configure screen, you should not get up a dialog when
connecting to that database.

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