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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 8 1999 1:53am
Subject:myodbc for solaris?
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>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Olasov <olasov@stripped> writes:

Ben> Looking through the docs I haven't seen anything to indicate there's an
Ben> odbc driver for solaris - is that correct?  It would be great if there
Ben> were a way to pass queries to mySQL from Allegro Common Lisp... does
Ben> someone know of something in the works for this?

Ben> Thanks,

Ben> Ben

Ben> ----------
Ben> Ben Olasov
Ben> University of California, San Francisco
Ben> Department of Medical Research
Ben> 3333 California Street
Ben> Room 435
Ben> San Francisco, CA
Ben> USA  94118


You can get an odbc driver for Solaris from:


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